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Please read the topic of each channel

We do not tolerate any name calling or insulting remarks to other users or staff.

We agree that people may disagree on certain matters but do not allow personal insults to be thrown about ( This means nobody can insult you either )

If you have a problem with any other individual on the network then please take this issue to a channel operator by means of private message. Please do not involve the rest of the channel in your problem. Any issues taken to a channel operator will be dealt with at their sole discretion. Channel Operators may act at their sole discretion if they feel that the channel environment is being negatively affected by any user.

Please try to only share a limited amount of personal information on the network this is for your own safety.

Disciplinary policy We currently aim to use a “3 strike policy

1) A warning in the channel from a channel staff
2) A kick from the channel from a channel staff
3) Either a temporary ban from the channel or the network
These actions again are at the sole discretion of the channel operator, You may be banned outright if the channel operator feels it neccessary.

Any appeals against bans or actions of channel operator are to be made by private message to an staff or by email to

We do NOT tolerate spamming of any kind wether it be in channel, private message or part of the users nickname or hostmark.

Please keep up to date with these rules as they will be ammended from time to time to fit in with any changes on the network. Please read all messages and announcements posted by channel operators. These are posted for your benefit.

Please also check /rules when connected to the network